Why Making Your Website Mobile-friendly, Fast, and Secure is Very Important?

Mobile technology has been a part of our daily life for more than a decade. Sadly, not everybody is considering using a mobile website when it comes to website growth. In today’s world, you may as well be walking and giving money off to your competitors. That’s what the absence of a mobile-friendly platform is doing. Our happy professionals here at digital marketing agency in Europe can help you with all your needs.

Below are some of the most significant factors that show that a mobile-friendly website is a key to better performance.

1. Desktop vs. Mobile Users

Mobile devices outperformed Web activity in 2016. Currently, only over 51 percent of all Web users are surfing internet websites. It implies that more than half of the users viewing the web are accessing it through mobile devices. Since making a simple site doesn’t look good when displayed on a small screen.

It’s more complicated to use and allows visitors to zoom in to the text to read it. Researches show that even though most people use phones to surf the internet if the website is not mobile-friendly, they will never visit the website again and leave it quicker than it took to find it. If you have a mobile friendly business website, it will be much easier for the visitors to explore and find your products and services.

2. Users Spend More Time on Mobile Devices

Across America, at the end of 2016, people spend five hours a day using mobile apps. It’s a massive boost from when it was in 2015. Instead of targeting users who stay at home or in an office, mobile allows several pathways.

For one thing, people search websites while they’re waiting in line in a grocery store or sitting in a park. Wherever there is a web connection, you can presume that consumers with smartphones are visiting websites. This way, more people can visit your mobile-friendly business website.

3. Online Sales from Mobile Are Expected to Rise

As per statistics, internet shopping accounts for around 45 percent of overall online transactions in the United States by 2020. That amounts to more than 280 billion dollars. The reason is because people consider it easy to buy on the spot, no matter where they are. At the current rate of growth, it will not be long before mobile users make up the bulk of all online sales.

4. You May Be Losing Most of Your Visitors

As many as 53% of visitors will exit a website if it takes more than three seconds to open from a mobile device. It explains that you’re slashing your profits in half from your competitors. Mobile-friendly website design focuses on speed and style. If the pictures are too big or if there are elements like Flash, the speed of the web would be less. Moreover, since a mobile-friendly business website speed will be higher, more people will stay on the website.

5. Millennials Work More Digitally

Millennials are the next wave of buyers. It is crucial to note since it is also the most technologically advanced age. Technology is so relevant to them that more than 48 percent of millennial mothers digitally study the product before purchasing it from a shop in person. Evaluate how the generation has grown up.

Web and smartphone devices have evolved rapidly since the early 2000s. It provides a degree of mobile convenience and accessibility that many generations clearly will not have for the most part. Ensure that your business website security is top-notch, or these people will not hire you via the website.

The world is advancing at a fast pace. All you need to do is stay a step ahead and make the most of this advancement. Click here to get a free website audit today!

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