Digital Marketing Evolution

When your parents or grandparents were young and they wanted to buy a new TV, they had to go to the store (possibly the closest to their home), see which models were available, and choose one that would fit their budget, buy it and then take it home. If that store wanted to be promoted, they placed an ad somewhere in the city, handed out pamphlets on the streets, paid to a local newspaper or radio program or, at best, to a television station to place their advertising. That publicity was shown to anyone who had access to that medium regardless of whether it was intended for him or not.

In these times, a person can make the same purchase from any place he or she wants through his or her cellphone, table or laptop, being able to find him or herself in the comfort of his or her home or anywhere in the world. You would have the possibility to choose between almost all the models available in the market and request that it be delivered to you in the place you want. The store where you bought the TV, in this case, you can have a place where you sell the products in the traditional way or it can only be a digital store and this can be advertised through a large number of media such as websites, blogs, apps, etc. Additionally, this advertising can be programmed to reach the public that the seller wants to reach and the same buyer is free to choose if he wants to continue receiving that advertising.

As you can see, there are two very different scenarios that I have raised here and the substantial difference is the Internet and particularly, for these cases, it is digital marketing. This is a (not so) new branch of marketing that uses digital resources as advertising media. Currently, professions and many companies have been developed around this type of marketing that has reached a very high popularity to the point that all businesses that are or aspire to be successful must have an European digital marketing agency strategy and preferably, a group of specialists in the field to guide them in their development. Click Here To See All Our Digital Marketing Agency Services!

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